FAO: Al Snow Wrestling Academy fans, students, potential students, suppliers, partners, or would be partners.

As the legal custodian of this domain we worked with the Al Snow Wrestling Academy to build a series of website versions since December 15. We also provided their email services and web consultancy since November 2015.

We created a number of versions of the ASWA website, and were building a final, state of the art, substantial new version to be released to fans and potential academy students in the summer of 2016.

To protect the ASWA brand we also purchased a number of ASWA related domain names to counter an ASWA claim that we were damaging their brand and business, a claim of which we refute, vehemently. We were also not prepared to release an incomplete website, for obvious reasons.

In May and June of 2016 ASWA were asked to pay for the continuation of the work on their new website. They could not/would not make further payments despite their continuous and somewhat glorious accolades of our work, and their digitally written and verbal promises to pay.

So as is normal in business, we had not been paid for our work for 3 months, so we had no alternative but to cease working on the ASWA website.

Despite our fair requests for payment we received legal and physical threats from founder Simon Van De Wolf, real name Simon Lawrence, A.K.A. Baron Van De Wolf.

In comparison to the thousands of pounds we are owed for our work we were paid derisory amounts by the ASWA in the early part of 2016 that totalled less than 20% of the cost of the works we produced, and we were expected to finish and release the new site without payment from the ASWA despite our accepted and legally binding terms.

We have not received any contact from either ASWA founders since August 2016, niether Al Snow (of whom we established a dialog with over email and whom promised a resolution but did not reply to our last email) nor Simon "The Wolf" Lawrence (who told us we would get nothing from him).

Due to the non payment of debts accrued some 9 months ago by the ASWA we have today taken the decision to shut down the ASWA website, along with ASWA email in accordance with our terms. The provision of these services expired on the 5th November but as a gesture of goodwill we permitted the ASWA an extra months use of our systems in the hope they would contact us and would settle their debt.

Based on our experiences with the ASWA, it is our opinion and our legal position that the ASWA is not a reputable and trustworthy organisation to work with.

We have acted fairly, graciously, and professionally, at all times, and are saddened that we have had to take this decisive action. We apologise to ASWA fans, their following, prospective students etc. however the fact remains we are owed thousands of pounds.

If the debt remains unpaid, 7 days from 2nd December 2016 we will be forced to pursue further, legal action to recover the monies owed to us.

Should you wish to contact The Al Snow Wrestling Academy you can do so via their social media below.